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Are you Off-Track or behind on Credits?

How to be an Ideal Student

  • Come to school.

  • When you are at school, be ready to learn.

  • Maintain good organization skills.

  • Write down or enter in your phone important class test/quiz or deadline dates.

  • When you don’t understand something, don’t give up. Ask for help!

  • Meet with your teacher before or after school to get extra help.

  • Do as much work while in class so there is little left to take home.

  • Prepare for assessments—especially EOCs.\

  • Ask your counselor to set up a parent/teacher/student conference.

Ways to Catch Up on Credits or Graduate ON TIME

  • Attend Course Extension at the end of each semester

    • If students fail a course with a 60-69, they are eligible to attend Course Extension where they will complete certain standards for that course. Upon successful completion, the grade will be changed to 70. Not all courses are available via Course Extension so a student may have to re-take a particular course or a similar one that isn't offered. ​

  • Cobb Horizon High School: a non-punitive alternative school that is available to Cobb County high school students

    • Classes are only Monday-Thursday (NO FRIDAYS!)

    • Choose which daily session  to attend

      • Session 1: 8:00am-12:15pm​

      • Session 2: 9:30am-2:20pm

      • Session 3: 10:55am-3:45pm

    • Bus Transportation from PHS to CHHS and back to PHS is available only for Session 2

    • Diploma will say Cobb Horizon High School (not Pebblebrook)

    • Teaching model: Part Teacher led & Part online via Edumentum 

    • CHHS functions on quarters not semesters. 

    • Apply HERE

  • Cobb Virtual School: Cobb County School District's online course option

    • High School A or B course: $275

    • High School AB or Y course: $550



Alternate Graduation Options

Adult Education Programs & GED 

  • You must withdraw from Pebblebrook to participate in the GED program.

  • If you are over 18, you can choose to sit for the exam without taking review classes.

  • If you are under 18, you must take the review classes.

  • Here is the info about the GED Test. 


Job Corps

  • This organization will pay you to train in a career field. They provide housing and job-search assistance. You must be drug free and abide by the rules.

Cobb Works

  • Offers job seeking assistance 

  • Assists with obtaining GED

  • On-The-Job Training program

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